Art Basel Airport Transfers

Find the best deal on getting to and from the Basel or Zürich airport with SVIPLS.

Art Basel Corporate Service

Providing The Better Travel Experience For Business Travelers.

Art Basel Days Out Service

Life isn’t all about hard work – sometimes it’s about unwinding, visiting theatres, shopping, art galleries, or eating out.

Art Basel Hourly / As Directed Service

Great for busy executives, our hourly-as-directed service enables you to relax instead of worrying about directions, navigation and taking phone calls.

Art Basel Road Show Service

We understand the importance of exact timing and flawless transportation services.

Art Basel Tour Service

A tour limo service is a private service that takes you sightseeing, with routes around tourist attractions.

Art Basel Transfers

We guarantee professionalism, security, confidentiality, reliability.

Art Basel Round Trip Service

Book a ride from one place to another and back.

Art Basel Events Service

No matter how many vehicles are needed – the SVIPLS Event Service will support you in planning and implementation, as well as with coordination on-site.

Art Basel Point-to-Point Service

For those occasions when a one way rides are all that is needed.

Art Basel Custom Service

Discover the difference Custom Services can make for you.

Art Basel Other Services

We can handle any special requests regarding ground transportation needs you may have.


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