Point to Point Limo Service in Switzerland

Fixed-Price Limo Service

When you know exactly where you’re going, SVIPLS point to point limo service may be the right solution. SVIPLS offers our clients the ability to purchase trips a la carte, without having to pay for a minimum number of service hours or other extras. If you simply need to be chauffeured from point A to point B, this unique service offering can be the most cost-effective way to get there. SVIPLS point to point car service can be arranged for most journeys and group sizes.

What are the Benefits of SVIPLS Point to Point Car Service?

When you book chauffeured transportation to a set destination, opting for point to point service can be the most cost-effective way to get there. You only pay for the kilometres driven between point A and point B on your journey. However, not every type of transportation need is the right fit for this service offering. The following questions and answers reflect some of the most common queries we receive regarding this unique type of service:

Can point to point service be used if I have multiple destinations?

Hourly car service (hyperlink: hourly car service) is probably a better option if you need to visit multiple stops along your journey, or aren’t entirely certain of your destinations and time. Similarly, if you need transportation both to and from a destination, point to point is also unlikely to be the right choice. This type of limo service is intended for one-way journeys to a multiple destinations.

How is point to point car service billed?

When you book point to point service online or by phone, you’ll be provided with an all-inclusive quote for your service, which will include everything. The cost of point to point limo service in Switzerland and our other coverage areas worldwide is calculated on a trip-by-trip basis according to the kilometres of your journey.

What is the difference between point to point and hourly chauffeured transportation?

When you opt for point to point, your coverage (and bill) are limited to the total kilometres you travel between point A and point B. Hourly car service includes the benefit of chauffeured transportation for a pre-scheduled block of time, during which you are free to add or subtract destinations. Once you arrive at your final destination using point to point service, your Chauffeur will depart. With hourly service arrangements, Chauffeurs will remain on-site at destinations until the client’s transportation reservations are complete.

What are the benefits of SVIPLS point to point car service?

Simply put, point to point car service can be the easiest option for straightforward transportation needs. If you need to be chauffeured to a given number of destinations, it can be the most cost-effective way to get there.

What if I find out mid-trip that I need to make an extra stop?

SVIPLS always does our very best to exceed client expectations, and we understand that both life and business can be highly unpredictable. If you realize mid-route that you need additional stops or service coverage, we ask that you inform your Chauffeur, who will ensure that we have sufficient staffing and vehicle needs to honor your request for additional coverage. We are almost always able to accommodate last-minute requests for our clients.

Point to Point Limo Service in Switzerland Makes Sense

SVIPLS – Swiss VIP limo service knows that hourly service arrangements aren’t always the right solution for everyone. Whether you’re transporting an important client to your office, or utilizing chauffeured transportation during executive travel, you don’t always need the benefit of on-demand Chauffeur service throughout the day. If your needs are discrete and defined, reserving SVIPLS point to point car service can be the most effective – and efficient – way to get where you’re going and what you need.