SVIPLS Chauffeured Transportation for Executive Travel

We are one of Swiss best car services for business travel and it’s our goal to deliver exceptional quality and professional services to every client

Many of our clients consider SVIPLS corporate chauffeured transportation a necessity for business travel, not a luxury. In most ways, the right car service can be something of a key to success on the road. Reserving the leading Swiss Car Service provides you with a guarantee you’ll experience convenient, luxurious, and reliable service while traveling for work. When you can’t afford to take a risk on whether you’ll arrive on time, present a professional image to your client or experience some of the “best-of-class” services when booking with this chauffeured transportation company who strives to provide you with the highest quality experience avail.

Benefits of SVIPLS – Swiss VIP Limo Service TransportationBusiness travel can be incredibly unpredictable. Delayed flights, unexpected weather conditions, and other events can derail your plans for the perfect trip before you land. At SVIPLS – Swiss VIP Limo Service, we’re quite familiar with wether conditions in Switzerland and the havoc they can wreak on your travel itinerary. Reserving SVIPLS car service can offer a measure of stability. SVIPLS Corporate Transportation’s clients are offered a guarantee that their Chauffeur will arrive on time wearing appropriate attire and professional at all times, with the highest quality Swiss limousines.

As a passenger of Corporate Transportation’s luxury or executive sedan, or business van service, you’ll be able to work uninterrupted while you travel between destinations. When your meetings or presentations end earlier or later than anticipated, your Chauffeur will be waiting on site to provide transportation. Our staff can recommend over night accommodations, including dining and other services to meet your needs and enhance your executive travel to Switzerland.

If you’ll be traveling during the winter months, limousine service in Switzerland can be among the safest ways to get around. SVIPLS Transportation’s Chauffeurs receive ongoing training in defensive driving best practices, with special attention to safety during snowy and icy conditions. Our fleet includes mainly four wheel drive vehicles able to safely navigate all weather conditions. There’s no need to put your life in jeopardy if you’re unaccustomed to Switzerland or driving in winter weather when you can be safely Chauffeured by an expert.

FAQ About SVIPLS Chauffeured Transportation

SVIPLS Corporate Transportation has experience providing state-of-the-art car service and travel services to executives in Switzerland and worldwide. Whether it’s your first time planning executive travel to Switzerland or you’re a lifelong resident, our transportation specialists can elevate your upcoming business trip with quality service and logistics support. The following frequently asked questions reflect some of the queries we receive most often about corporate ground transportation for business travelers:

My next business trip is a week long. Can you accommodate my need for car service?

SVIPLS – Swiss VIP Limo Service has extensive experience providing chauffeured transportation for trips of all lengths; from one-day requests to multi week-long journeys. We’re quite happy to help you define and meet your need for outstanding car service, whether that’s on-demand transportation throughout your entire stay in town, or a custom-built plan for success.

I’m the very definition of a frequent flyer. Do you offer any special benefits to road warriors?

We specialize in building long-term relationships with business travelers of all types, and look forward to making your executive travel needs much simpler in the future. SVIPLS Corporate Transportation offers both Swiss and worldwide transportation services. We’re able to serve as a central point-of-contact for all of your upcoming business trips; whether work takes you to Zürich, London, Frankfurt or Los Angeles.

SVIPLS – Swiss VIP Limo Service also offers special rates for corporate service agreements, which can include personalized billing arrangements and convenient reservation options for corporate travel managers.

Are you truly the best option for chauffeured transportation in Switzerland?

Before SVIPLS Corporate Transportation’s executive leadership entered the transportation industry, we were frequent business travelers ourselves. When we entered the business of car service in Switzerland well over a decade ago, we were well aware of the need for travel services that were genuinely reliable, luxurious, and professional. That’s why we offer a guarantee to our clients that your vehicle will be clean, on-time, and driven by a Chauffeur who is a consummate customer service professional.


SVIPLS offers blend of luxury, value, and experience in corporate travel. We invest in true luxury livery vehicles that represent the highest-quality options for chauffeured transportation in Switzerland. It is our goal at SVIPLS to provide luxury, value and a positive experience during your travels with us. We invest a great deal of time and effort to maintain our standards in this industry and those we hire participate in ongoing training to ensure our Chauffeurs and dispatchers are highly-versed in customer service, confidentiality, defensive driving, and more.

Elevate Your Executive Travel to Switzerland

You’ve earned the right to elevate your executive travel experience with SVIPLS. Experience the difference we have to offer. We would like to be your first choice in chauffeured transportation. To learn more about SVIPLS Corporate Transportation’s guarantees, fleet, company culture or pricing models, please give us a call at +41 79 138 77 77.